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A language extension for expressing constraints on data access

Controlled sharing of information is needed and desirable for many applications and is supported in operating systems by access control mechanisms. This paper shows how to extend programming languages to provide controlled sharing. The extension permits expression of access constraints on shared data. Access constraints can apply both to simple objects, and to objects that are components of larger objects, such as bank account records in a bank's data base. The constraints are stated declaratively, and can be enforced by static checking similar to type checking. The approach can be used to extend any strongly-typed language, but is particularly suitable for extending languages that support the notion of abstract data types.


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Research and Advances

The design of the Venus operating system

The Venus Operating System is an experimental multiprogramming system which supports five or six concurrent users on a small computer. The system was produced to test the effect of machine architecture on complexity of software. The system is defined by a combination of microprograms and software. The microprogram defines a machine with some unusual architectural features; the software exploits these features to define the operating system as simply as possible. In this paper the development of the system is described, with particular emphasis on the principles which guided the design.

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