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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Automating Visual Privacy Protection Using a Smart LED

We introduce LiShield, which automatically protects a physical scene against photographing, by illuminating it with s...

'Everything Fails All the Time'

Werner Vogels, an expert on ultra-scalable systems, talks about listening to customers, reconceptualizing the stack, ...

CACM Video: Tracking Shoppers Tracking Shoppers

Retailers of all stripes are using technology to follow consumers through their brick-and-mortar stores in order to d...

When Human-Computer Interaction Meets Community Citizen Science

Empowering communities through citizen science.

Guiding Students to Develop Essential Skills

Students should interact with one another to practice skills and construct their own understanding, with assistance f...

Optimizations in C++ Compilers

A practical journey.

Fuzzing: Hack, Art, and Science

Reviewing software testing techniques for finding security vulnerabilities.

How the Internet Spans the Globe

The modern Internet is made possible by hundreds of thousands of miles of undersea cables.

Ethics of Technology Needs More Political Philosophy

Incorporating considerations of reasonable pluralism, individual agency, and legitimate authority.