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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

The Construction Industry in the 21st Century

Three-dimensional printing and other new technologies are revitalizing the business of building buildings.

How Can We Trust a Robot?

If intelligent robots take on a larger role in our society, what basis will humans have for trusting them?

A Large-Scale Comparative Study of Beta Testers and Regular Users

Beta testers should represent a future product's target users as much as possible.

Elements of the Theory of Dynamic Networks

The challenge of computing in a highly dynamic environment.

Feeling Sounds, Hearing Sights

A new wave of sensory substitution devices work to assist people who are blind or deaf.

Information Hiding: Challenges For Forensic Experts

The practice of hiding ill-gotten data in digital objects is rising among cyber thieves. New initiatives serve to edu...

Parallel Computational Thinking

Applications must be programmed to process instructions in parallel to take full advantage of the new multicore proce...

Perovskites Boost Solar-Cell Potential

New materials could allow cheaper, more efficient solar cells for both traditional and novel applications.

The Death of Big Software

We are past the tipping point in the transition away from 20th-century big software architectures.