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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Hiring from the Autism Spectrum

Companies increasingly are looking to hire people who are on the autism spectrum to fill IT roles.

Seeing Through Walls

Artificial intelligence makes sense of radio signals to understand what someone in another room is doing.

AI and Accessibility

A discussion of ethical considerations.

Meltdown: Reading Kernel Memory from User Space

Lessons learned from Meltdown's exploitation of the weaknesses in today's processors.

Contextual Word Representations: Putting Words into Computers

Advances in how programs treat natural language words have a big impact in AI.

Data-Driven Algorithm Design

We model the problem of identifying a good algorithm from data as a statistical learning problem.

A Proof from 'The Book'

A decades-old conjecture about computational complexity is confirmed in just a few pages.

Will RISC-V Revolutionize Computing?

The open instruction set for microprocessors promises to reshape computing and introduce new, more powerful capabilit...

Deceiving the Masses on Social Media

The social media platforms like their freedom, but information gerrymandering may require legislation to fix.