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Communications of the ACM

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How to Store Information in Your Clothes Invisibly, Without Electronics

A new type of smart fabric developed at the University of Washington could pave the way for jackets that store invisi...

Healthcare Robotics

Healthcare robotics can provide health and wellness support to billions of people.

A Block on the Old Chip

Block copolymers may help transistors shrink to tinier dimensions.

The Heat Method for Distance Computation

We introduce the heat method for solving the single- or multiple-source shortest path problem on both flat and curved...

3D-Printing Human Body Parts

Bioprinting has generated bones, cartilage, and some muscles; hearts and livers are still years away.

Digital Hearing

Advances in audio processing help separate the conversation from background noise.

Security in High-Performance Computing Environments

Exploring the many distinctive elements that make securing HPC systems much different than securing traditional syste...

Spin-It: Optimizing Moment of Inertia for Spinnable Objects

In this article, we describe an algorithm to generate designs for spinning objects by optimizing their mass distribut...

Why Virtual Reality Will Transform a Workplace Near You

A clutch of companies are changing how work gets done---by using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.