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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Addressing Labor Shortages with Automation

Labor shortages have many companies turning to automation technology, but with mixed outcomes.

Immersion Cooling Heats Up

Depending on climate conditions, the availability of renewables and other factors, immersion cooling can make a profo...

A Deeper Understanding of Deep Learning

Kernel methods clarify why neural networks generalize so well.

Our House Is On Fire

The climate emergency and computing's responsibility.

Methods Included

Standardizing computational reuse and portability with the Common Workflow Language.

SoundWatch: Deep Learning for Sound Accessibility on Smartwatches

We present SoundWatch, a smartwatch-based deep learning application to sense, classify, and provide feedback about so...

Explorations in Cyber-Physical Systems Education

Explorations in CPS education and related research projects over the past two decades unveil where CPS learning is he...

A Data-Driven Exploration of the Race between Human Labor and Machines in the 21st Century

To understand automation and the future of work, this study explores how human labor competes, or cooperates, with te...

Artificial Intelligence for Synthetic Biology

The opportunities and challenges of adapting and applying AI principles to synbio.