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Communications of the ACM

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Interpretable Machine Learning: Moving from Mythos to Diagnostics

A path forward for the ML community to address a stark disconnect.

hXDP: Efficient Software Packet Processing on FPGA NICs

We present hXDP, a solution to run on FPGAs software packet processing tasks described with the eBPF technology and t...

Crossing the Uncanny Valley

The "uncanny valley effect" may be holding back the field of robotics.

On Sampled Metrics for Item Recommendation

This paper investigates sampled metrics and shows that it is possible to improve the quality of sampled metrics by ap...

Brain Implants Get Real

Universities, and a growing number of companies, are producing brain-computer interfaces.

Building a Practical Quantum Computer

Quantum computation has a long road ahead.

Using Makeup to Block Surveillance

Altering one's facial features with a special type of makeup can keep them from being recognized by artificial in...

Expressive Querying for Accelerating Visual Analytics

In this work, we introduce the problem of visualization search and highlight two underlying challenges of search enum...

Addressing Labor Shortages with Automation

Labor shortages have many companies turning to automation technology, but with mixed outcomes.