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Communications of the ACM

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Ability-Based Design

By focusing on users' abilities rather than disabilities, designers can create interactive systems better matched...

Bias on the Web

Bias in Web data and use taints the algorithms behind Web-based applications, delivering equally biased results.

Coz: Finding Code that Counts with Causal Profiling

This paper introduces causal profiling. Unlike past profiling approaches, causal profiling indicates exactly where pr...

Internet Freedom in West Africa: Technical Support for Journalists and Democracy Advocates

The U.S. State Department's Internet Freedom agenda is being adapted to help them communicate without DNS and IP ...

Using Functions for Easier Programming

Functional programming languages automate many of the details underlying specific operations.

DevOps Delivers

The DevOps methodology has come of age in the past several years, and organizations are adopting key DevOps practices...

Realizing the Potential of Data Science

Data science promises new insights, helping transform information into knowledge that can drive science and industry.

Always Out of Balance

Computational theorists prove there is no easy algorithm to find Nash equilibria, so game theory will have to look in...

Future Electric Cars Could Recharge Wirelessly While You Drive

Electric vehicles may one day be able to recharge while driving down the highway, drawing wireless power directly fro...