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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Deep Learning Speeds MRI Scans

Machine intelligence significantly reduces the time needed for an MRI scan, which can help reduce patient anxiety.

The Worsening State of Ransomware

Sophisticated, dangerous ransomware is the new normal … and there is no simple fix.

Building a Multilingual Wikipedia

Seeking to develop a multilingual Wikipedia where content can be shared among language editions.

Safe Systems Programming in Rust

The promise and the challenges of the first industry-supported language to master the trade-off between safety and co...

The Power of Quantum Complexity

A theorem about computations that exploit quantum mechanics challenges longstanding ideas in mathematics and physics.

Fact-Finding Mission

Artificial intelligence provides automatic fact-checking and fake news detection, but with limits.

Can the Biases in Facial Recognition Be Fixed; Also, Should They?

Many facial recognition systems used by law enforcement are shot through with biases. Can anything be done to make th...

Informing California Privacy Regulations with Evidence from Research

Designing and testing 'Do Not Sell My Personal Information' icons.

Understanding Deep Learning (Still) Requires Rethinking Generalization

In this work, we presented a simple experimental framework for interrogating purported measures of generalization.