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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Neurosymbolic AI

Combining neural networks with symbolic representations might make them more versatile and dependable.

Hidden Malware Ratchets Up Cybersecurity Risks

Cybercriminals could be hiding malware payloads in places where commercial cybersecurity software is unable to detect...

AuraRing: Precise Electromagnetic Finger Tracking

We present AuraRing, a wearable magnetic tracking system designed for tracking fine-grained finger movement.

On the Model of Computation: Counterpoint: Parallel Programming Wall and Multicore Software Spiral: Denial Hence Crisis

Parallel programming wall and multicore software spiral: Denial hence crisis.

Polymorphic Wireless Receivers

We introduce PolymoRF, a deep learning-based polymorphic receiver able to reconfigure itself in real time based on th...

How AI Is Driving the Esports Boom

Artificial intelligence is helping the esports industry take the world by storm.

Competition Makes Big Datasets the Winners

Measurement has driven research groups to home in on the most popular datasets, but that may change as metrics shift ...

The Road to 6G

Looking past 5G to sixth-generation wireless technology.

Deconstructing the Bakery to Build a Distributed State Machine

A rigorous journey from the bakery algorithm to a distributed state machine.