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Communications of the ACM

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Counterpoint: E-Democracy Won't Save Democracy. Democracy Will Save Democracy

Increased technology is not the solution to the fundamental issue of declining democratic culture.

How to Teach Computer Ethics through Science Fiction

Science fiction in particular offers students a way to cultivate their capacity for moral imagination.

Animals Teach Robots to Find Their Way

Navigation research demonstrates bio-machine symbiosis.

Scientists Perfect Technique to Boost Capacity of Computer Storage a Thousandfold

Silicon-based atomic-scale devices are poised to increase capacity of solid-state storage drives 1,000-fold due to te...

Digital Nudging: Guiding Online User Choices through Interface Design

Designers can create designs that nudge users toward the most desirable option.

Why Cryptocurrencies Use So Much Energy—and What to Do About It

The electricity consumption of mining for cryptocurrencies is becoming a real concern. Here's what to do about it.

Bringing the Internet to the (Developing) World

A growing number of low-cost (and free!) solutions aim to open the Internet to developing regions.

Ability-Based Design

By focusing on users' abilities rather than disabilities, designers can create interactive systems better matched...

Bias on the Web

Bias in Web data and use taints the algorithms behind Web-based applications, delivering equally biased results.