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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

What Makes a Robot Likable?

Interactions with robotics teach us more about people.

I Don't Understand My Car

Self-driving cars will need good communication skills.

Activity-Centric Computing Systems

The ability to build a construct that organizes work from different devices and information resources is as complex a...

The History of Digital Spam

Tracing the tangled web of unsolicited and undesired email and possible strategies for its demise.

The Success of the Web: A Triumph of the Amateurs

Connecting the unique factors that influenced the origination and subsequent development of the World Wide Web.

Protecting the 2020 Census

A new framework is being used to secure the 2020 U.S. Census from database reconstruction attacks.

The Edge of Computational Photography

Smartphones and consumer cameras increasingly give professional photographers a run for their money.

Ways of Thinking in Informatics

An innovative, entry-level informatics course enables students to ponder CS problems in different ways, from differen...

U­nifying Logical and Statistical AI with Markov Logic

Markov logic can be used as a general framework for joining logical and statistical AI.