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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Neural Algorithms and Computing Beyond Moore's Law

Advances in neurotechnologies are reigniting opportunities to bring neural computation insights into broader computin...

Metrics That Matter

Critical but oft-neglected service metrics that every SRE and product owner should care about.

Exoskeletons Today

Wearable mobile machines integrate people and machines to assist the movement-impaired, and amplify the capabilities ...

Electronics Need Rare Earths

Demand is expected to spike over the next few years, leading to higher prices and international trade issues.

Blogging Birds: Telling Informative Stories About the Lives of Birds from Telemetric Data

The system transforms raw telemetric data into engaging and informative blog texts readily understood by all.

Being Recognized Everywhere

How facial and voice recognition are reshaping society.

Technologizing Agriculture

An array of technologies are making farms more efficient, safer, and profitable.

A New Golden Age for Computer Architecture

Innovations like domain-specific hardware, enhanced security, open instruction sets, and agile chip development will ...

Who Owns 3D Scans of Historic Sites?

Three-dimensional scanning can be used to protect or rebuild historic structures, but who owns that digital data?