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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Digital Agriculture for Small-Scale Producers: Challenges and Opportunities

Smart Farming with technologies such as IoT, computer vision, and AI can improve agricultural efficiency, transparenc...

Datasheets for Datasets

Documentation to facilitate communication between dataset creators and consumers.

Software-Defined Cooking Using a Microwave Oven

We present software-defined cooking (SDC), a low-cost closed-loop microwave oven system that aims to heat food in a s...

Trouble at the Source

Errors and biases in artificial intelligence systems often reflect the data used to train them.

The Road Ahead for Augmented Reality

A heads-up look at augmented reality head-up displays.

Filtering for Beauty

Social media "influencers" use augmented reality filtering apps to appear more beautiful, together, and coo...

Qubit Devices Inch Toward Reality

Key questions and challenges remain, including how to scale qubit devices while reducing noise and errors to the poin...

Holograms on the Horizon?

Machine learning drives toward 3D imaging on the move.

Explicative Programming

Making Computational Thinking relevant to schools.