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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

Revamping Python for an AI World

Mojo has the same syntax as Python, but runs up to 35,000 times faster.

Thus Spake ChatGPT

On the reliability of AI-based chatbots for science communication.

Almost-Linear-Time Algorithms for Maximum Flow and Minimum-Cost Flow

We present an algorithm that computes exact maximum flows and minimum-cost flows on directed graphs with m edges and ...

Quantum Speedup for the Fast Fourier Transform?

It is difficult to improve on the widely used, already-efficient algorithm.

Accessibility and Inclusion through Technology

Helping the sensory-impaired overcome their impediments.

What's Old Is New Again

Analog computing offers one possible solution to the downsides of digital computing.

Rethinking Conference Formats

Suggesting a conference format better suited for both onsite and virtual conferences.

Echoes of Intelligence

Textual interpretation and large language models.

How Climate Change Was Won

A Martian report from the future carries good news about the future of Earth.