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Communications of the ACM

Video Highlights

A Model Restoration

The architect of the Sagrada Familia appears to have done parametric modeling in his head; software is helping to com...

Non-Fungible Tokens and the Future of Art

A new blockchain-based technology is changing how the art world works, and changing how we think about asset ownershi...

Protecting the Global Internet from Technology Cold Wars

Considering the perceived dangers of the global information flow.

AI Ethics: A Call to Faculty

Integrating ethics into artificial intelligence education and development.

PlanAlyzer: Assessing Threats to the Validity of Online Experiments

We present the first approach for checking the internal validity of online experiments statically, that is, from code...

Fixing the Internet

Internet security was once based on trust and needs to be updated.

The Unionization of Technology Companies

New unions could change how tech giants engage with their employees.

Better Security Through Obfuscation

The quest to find greater security through obscurity.

What Does Saying That 'Programming Is Hard' Really Say, and About Whom?

Shifting the focus from the perceived difficulty of learning programming to making programming more universally acces...