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Communications of the ACM

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(Re)Use of Research Results (Is Rampant)

Prior pessimism about reuse in software engineering research may have been a result of using the wrong methods to mea...

HPC Forecast: Cloudy and Uncertain

An examination of how the technology landscape has changed and possible future directions for HPC operations and inno...

The Lean Data Scientist: Recent Advances Toward Overcoming the Data Bottleneck

A taxonomy of the methods used to obtain quality datasets enhances existing resources.

Proving Data-Poisoning Robustness in Decision Trees

We present a sound verification technique based on abstract interpretation and implement it in a tool called Antidote...

Post-Quantum Cryptography

Cryptographers seek algorithms quantum computers cannot break.

Can AI Demonstrate Creativity?

When fed a sufficient amount of training data, artificial intelligence techniques can be used to generate new ideas i...

Democratizing Domain-Specific Computing

Creating a programming environment and compilation flow that empowers programmers to create their own DSAs efficientl...

A Linearizability-based Hierarchy for Concurrent Specifications

Two linearizability-style correctness conditions that can be used to argue safety properties of progressively more co...

The Outlook for Crypto

Can cryptocurrencies cut their environmental impact?