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The Research archive provides access to all Research articles published in past issues of Communications of the ACM.

March 2012

From Communications of the ACM

The Grand Challenge of Computer Go: Monte Carlo Tree Search and Extensions

The Grand Challenge of Computer Go

The ancient oriental game of Go has long been considered a grand challenge for artificial intelligence. However, computer Go programs based on Monte-Carlo tree search now play at human-master levels and are beginning to challenge…

From Communications of the ACM

Technical Perspective: The Benefits of Capability-Based Protection

Affordable personal computing hardware and the usable GUI-based PC operating systems made the vision of "a computer on every desktop and in every home" a reality. Thanks to the Internet,  personal computers did not remain personal…

From Communications of the ACM

Technical Perspective: A New Way to Search Game Trees

Researchers in artificial intelligence know that computers still lag far behind human levels of play in many games of strategy. One such contest of wits is Go, which remains a stronghold of human superiority. That may be about…

From Communications of the ACM

A Taste of Capsicum: Practical Capabilities for UNIX

A Taste of Capsicum

Capsicum is a lightweight operating system capability and sandbox framework planned for inclusion in FreeBSD 9. Capsicum extends, rather than replaces, UNIX APIs, providing new kernel primitives and a userspace sandbox API. These…

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