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The Research archive provides access to all Research articles published in past issues of Communications of the ACM.

February 2011

From Communications of the ACM

Technical Perspective: Markov Meets Bayes

The history of probabilistic sequence models dates back to Markov at the turn of the last century. Though informed by decades of research, current practices are still something…

From Communications of the ACM

DRAM Errors in the Wild: A Large-Scale Field Study

DRAM Errors in the Wild

While a large body of work exists on DRAM in lab conditions, little has been reported on real DRAM failures in large production clusters. In this paper, we analyze measurements of memory errors in a large fleet of commodity servers…

From Communications of the ACM

Technical Perspective: DRAM Errors in the Wild

In order to advance the field, knowledge of the types of memory errors at the system level, their frequencies, and conditions that exacerbate or are unrelated to higher error…

From Communications of the ACM

The Sequence Memoizer

The Sequence Memoizer

The sequence memoizer is a new hierarchical Bayesian model for discrete sequence data that captures long range dependencies and power-law characteristics, while remaining computationally attractive.

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