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The Research archive provides access to all Research articles published in past issues of Communications of the ACM.

November 2008

From Communications of the ACM

Polaris: A System for Query, Analysis, and Visualization of Multidimensional Databases


In this paper, we address these demands by presenting the Polaris formalism, a visual query language for precisely describing a wide range of table-based graphical presentations of data.

From Communications of the ACM

Technical Perspective: Safeguarding Online Information Against Failures and Attacks

Users need storage that is highly reliable (it is not lost) and highly available (accessible when needed). Guaranteeing these requires replication, which…

From Communications of the ACM

Technical Perspective: The Polaris Tableau System

Technical Perspective: The Polaris Tableau System

Jim Gray nominated the Polaris paper for the Research Highlights section and wrote the first draft of this Technical Perspective in November 2006. David Patterson revised the essay in August 2008.

From Communications of the ACM

Zyzzyva: Speculative Byzantine Fault Tolerance: speculative Byzantine fault tolerance

Zyzzyva: Speculative Byzantine Fault Tolerance

A longstanding vision in distributed systems is to build reliable systems from unreliable components. An enticing formulation of this vision is Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT)…

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