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The Research archive provides access to all Research articles published in past issues of Communications of the ACM.

January 2009

From Communications of the ACM

Technical Perspective: Customizing Media to Displays

A mind-boggling array of displays differ greatly in resolutions and aspect ratios. But  images and videos are captured at fixed resolutions and aspect ratios, and viewing them properly in a display can be a challenge.

From Communications of the ACM

Seam Carving for Media Retargeting

Seam Carving for Media Retargeting

Traditional image resizing techniques are oblivious to the content of the image when changing its width or height. In contrast, media (i.e., image and video) retargeting takes content into account.

From Communications of the ACM

Technical Perspective: Finding and Telling Stories with Data

Visual analysis, a powerful method for finding and telling stories with data, is moving from research into widespread use.

From Communications of the ACM

Voyagers and Voyeurs: Supporting Asynchronous Collaborative Visualization

Voyagers and Voyeurs

This article describes mechanisms for asynchronous collaboration in the context of information visualization, recasting visualizations as not just analytic tools, but social spaces. 

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