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author Ian Spence

Industrial-Scale Agile
From Communications of the ACM

Industrial-Scale Agile: From Craft to Engineering

Essence is instrumental in moving software development toward a true engineering discipline.

Use-Case 2.0
From Communications of the ACM

Use-Case 2.0

The hub of software development.

Major-League SEMAT
From Communications of the ACM

Major-League SEMAT: Shy Should an Executive Care?

Becoming better, faster, cheaper, and happier.

Agile and SEMAT
From Communications of the ACM

Agile and SEMAT: Perfect Partners

Combining agile and SEMAT yields more advantages than either one alone.

The Essence of Software Engineering
From Communications of the ACM

The Essence of Software Engineering: The SEMAT Kernel

A thinking framework in the form of an actionable kernel.
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