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A Computer Scientist Who Tackles Inequality Through Algorithms

UC Berkeley Assistant Professor Rediet Abebe

"We are providing an international venue for researchers and practitioners to come together to discuss problems that impact marginalized communities," says UC Berkeley's Rediet Abebe.

Credit: Constanza Hevia / Quanta Magazine

Rediet Abebe, assistant professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley and co-founder of Black in AI, uses the tools of theoretical computer science to help design algorithms and artificial intelligence systems that address real-world problems.

Abebe has modeled the role played by income shocks, like losing a job, in leading people into poverty, and she's working with the Ethiopian government on improving the algorithm the country uses to match high school students with colleges.

In an interview, Abebe discusses switching her fear of being forced to become a medical doctor, the social costs of bad algorithmic design, and how her background in math sharpens her work.

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