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Why Only Designers Can Create New Programming Languages

Compared to the versions that are hacked together late at night under insane deadline pressure, the programming languages to come out of academia are failures.

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The Year in Computing

2011 saw the personal computer continue to be marginalized. Although PCs are still the workhorse computing device in homes and offices, the most exciting innovations...

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The Year on the Web

We've been living in the age of social media for a long time, but 2011 was the year that all the information we share online began to accrete into something greater...

From ACM Opinion

The Personal Computer Is Dead

Power is fast shifting from end users and software developers to operating system vendors.

Why Microsoft Embraced Gaming
From ACM Opinion

Why Microsoft Embraced Gaming

When the original Xbox video-game console went on sale in 2001, it wasn't clear why Microsoft, known for staid workplace software, was branching out into fast...

From ACM Opinion

Why Isn't America Innovating Like It ­sed To?

America isn't innovating like it used to. And by "like it used to," I mean the period from after World War II to 1973, when an explosion of new technologies increased...

From ACM Opinion

Video Game Shapes Leadership Style of the New Head of Mit's Media Lab

Joi Ito has a knack for leading people, which he demonstrated, of all places, in World of Warcraft.
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