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subjectCommunications / Networking
authorNew Scientist

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Google Should Answer Some Searching Questions

Google woos people with its "don't be evil" slogan and assures us that everything it does is meant to enhance our online experience. But a new study by U.S. advocacy...

From ACM Opinion

How E-Maps Curtail Our Freedom

Electronic maps are arguably the quintessential innovation of 20th-century cartography. Although a few academic cartographers accord the map mystical powers, it...

From ACM Opinion

Don't Let Politicians Forget the E Word

Hugh Griffiths is chair of the executive committee of the Campaign for Science & Engineering (CaSE) and chair in intelligent radar systems at University College...

Berners-Lee: We No Longer Fully ­nderstand the Web
From ACM Opinion

Berners-Lee: We No Longer Fully ­nderstand the Web

World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee wants to put the Web under the microscope to investigate how it changes our behavior. He discusses the Web Science Research...
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