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International Reactions to Google's New Privacy Policy
From ACM Opinion

International Reactions to Google's New Privacy Policy

Google's new privacy policy took effect last Thursday, following several weeks campaigning to educate users on the changes. The policy will allow them to consolidate...

From ACM Opinion

Https and Tor: Working Together to Protect Your Privacy and Security Online

This week EFF released a new version its HTTPS Everywhere extension for the Firefox browser and debuted a beta version of the extension for Chrome. EFF frequently...

From ACM Opinion

An Open Letter from Internet Engineers to the ­.s. Congress

Today, a group of 83 prominent Internet inventors and engineers sent an open letter to members of the United States Congress, stating their opposition to the...

From ACM Opinion

Privacy Loses in Twitter/wikileaks Records Battle

A district court judge in Virginia ruled against online privacy, allowing U.S federal investigators to collect private records of three Twitter users as part of...

From ACM Opinion

Eff to Court: Don't Let Government Hide Illegal Surveillance

The Electronic Frontier Foundation urged the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday to preserve lawsuits challenging the government's illegal mass surveillance...

From ACM News

Encrypt the Web with Https Everywhere

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, in collaboration with the Tor Project, has launched an official 1.0 version of HTTPS Everywhere, a tool for the Firefox Web...

From ACM News

Protect Your Computer and Phone from Illegal Police Searches

Your computer, your phone, and your other digital devices hold vast amounts of personal information about you and your family. Can police officers enter your...

From ACM Opinion

Eff and Bitcoin

For several months, EFF has been following the movement around Bitcoin, an electronic payment system that touts itself as "the first decentralized digital currency...

From ACM News

Bipartisan Alliance Beats Back Patriot Act Sneak Attack in House Vote

Tuesday in the U.S. House of Representatives, an unlikely alliance of House Democrats and Republicans stood up for civil liberties and successfully beat back...

From ACM Opinion

Facebook's 'evil Interfaces'

Social networking companies don't have it easy. Advertisers covet their users' data, and in a niche that often seems to lack a clear business model, selling (or...

From ACM Opinion

Eff Backs Yahoo! to Protect ­ser from Warrantless Email Search

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) along with Google and numerous other public interest organizations and Internet industry associations joined with Yahoo...
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