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National Broadband Plan: What's in It For Businesses?

We've heard a lot about how the Federal Communications Commission's national broadband plan aims to provide 100 million U.S. households with 100Mbps broadband connections so far, but precious little on how it could affect corporate users.

Who else wants national broadband?

There is a good reason for this since the plan is primarily focusing on boosting broadband adoption and quality in the consumer market. But while there isn't any direct plan to boost enterprise IT networks, businesses may find themselves benefitting indirectly from a lot of the proposed policies in the plan.

The most obvious example of this comes from the fact that increased broadband speeds and deployment will increase workers' ability to effectively telecommute. In addition to proposing spending $15.5 billion for new broadband deployment, the FCC has also vowed to free up 500MHz of spectrum to use for wireless broadband networks. Taken together, these two proposals could make faster broadband available in virtually every area of the United States.

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