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'some 22 Year Old Kid Will Revolutionize Internet In India' Founder and Chairman Ajit Balakrishnan

"Content has become a commodity and in my view machine learning . . . applied to products to deliver network effects is what will create the next Internet company with $100 million revenue," says founder and chairman Ajit Balakrishnan.

Credit: Internet Governance Forum

Trust Ajit Balakrishnan of Rediff to be candid with his views and candid he was at the recently held IAMAI Digital Summit. Ajit Balakrishnan said, "The Internet industry needs 22-year-old Computer Science graduates who can create products that have inherent network effects. Products like Twitter and Facebook are there because of the network effects."

He also said "The industry needs to support and encourage such young entrepreneurs by providing them funding and hand holding to build such products."

Ajit Balakrishnan was of the opinion that the next big Internet company would be created by a young 22 year old who would do something radical and revolutionize the Internet space. "This is because 22 year olds don't see constraints that we older folks see," he said.

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