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Primal Rage: A Conversation with John Carmack, and a Look at Id's Latest

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John Carmack, id Software

John Carmack, id Software

If there were a Mt. Rushmore of computer gaming, John Carmack's head would not only be on it, it would have the highest polygon count. Ars recently caught up with this founding father of 3D to talk about mobile gaming, the iPad as a console, Android vs. iOS, and, of course, id's newest and most advanced title: Rage.

JS: One of the debates that we had internally when the iPad launched was, "is this the kind of system that could host a real, triple-A title?" So I wanted to put that question to you.

JC: That's something we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about—how we want to scope the games. There is no doubt from a raw horsepower standpoint that you can do a triple-A game on there. You're somewhat limited by the maximum download size, which is 2GB—that's a fraction of a DVD. So you're limited by total initial size, although you could theoretically download as much [additional content] as you want to; there's going to be some limit where people don't want to download 10GB of data. Much of what makes a modern, triple-A title is the media that goes into it.

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