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What You Should Include in an Agreement with a Cloud Provider

Cloud computing is a lot like the weather: Everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it. Just 9.3% of companies say they'll be using platform or infrastructure as a service (P/IaaS) offerings by the end of the year. And a paltry 4.5% have definite plans to use cloud services in 2011 or 2012.

Cloud computing skeptics abound. That's for the moment, anyway. But if you look a little deeper into organizations' plans, the trend toward cloud is clearly gathering momentum. A whopping 27.3 % of companies say they're currently evaluating infrastructure cloud services, and I strongly suspect the rate of uptake will increase dramatically in 2011.

What's stopping folks from moving to cloud today? The number-one concern is security, including privacy, regulatory compliance, and data protection. Companies are also concerned about data retrieval and migration: What happens if a cloud provider goes belly up? Or if they need to move data from one cloud player to another?

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