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The Day the Internet Threw a Righteous Hissyfit About Copyright And Pie


Dieter Spears /

So you might have heard a story yesterday about a little magazine called Cooks Source. Up until then, you might never have heard of Cooks Source. But maybe you've heard of "the Internet." Cooks Source now undoubtedly wishes it never had.

On Wednesday evening, a blogger named Monica Gaudio posted a story in which she told of learning that Cooks Source had taken a piece she wrote about apple pie—specifically this one—and simply copied it into the magazine. As you can see from the scanned page (Gawker, for instance, has it), the magazine credited Gaudio with a byline. It didn't pretend to have come up with her story itself; it just seemed to believe it could copy her story and run it in a free, ad-supported (and therefore revenue-generating) magazine without telling her, let alone compensating her.

Well, Gaudio says she dropped the magazine an angry email or two asking for an apology and a donation to the Columbia School of Journalism. The response she got combined three things that inspire online rage: misinformation, disrespect for creative people, and jaw-dropping condescension. In her recounting of what has become The E-Mail Blogged Round The World, Gaudio says that Cooks Source editor Judith Griggs sent her a note that said, among other things, this:...

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