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subjectHuman Computer Interaction

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Driving By the Numbers

In the wake of the U.S. Congressional hearings on the Toyota recalls, we have heard various proposals for countering unintended acceleration in automobiles. Transportation...

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Virtual Reality War

My battalion commander, Lt. Col. Michael Kurilla, gave the directive that my squad leaders, platoon sergeant, and myself had heard countless times: my platoon was...

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Why Can

All of the gloss and glitter doesn’t hide the fact that both Mac and Windows operating systems are still pretty geeky and difficult for many computer users to navigate...

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Why Google Wants a Faster Internet

There was no lack of, well, buzz about Google's new Buzz social-media platform last week, but more important were a series of moves that suggest the search giant...

Steve Jobs and the Economics of Elitism
From ACM Opinion

Steve Jobs and the Economics of Elitism

The more, the better. That’s the fashionable recipe for nurturing new ideas these days. It emphasizes a kind of Internet-era egalitarianism that celebrates the...

Futurephile: A Mini Phone in the Jawbone
From ACM TechNews

Futurephile: A Mini Phone in the Jawbone

Kenexa CEO Rudy Karsan, a fellow of the Society of Actuaries, predicts that technology will become increasingly customized and personal, potentially even leading...
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