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authorThe Wall Street Journal

An edited collection of advanced computing news from Communications of the ACM, ACM TechNews, other ACM resources, and news sites around the Web.

From ACM TechNews

Hackers Stole Ids For Attacks

Russian hackers stole U.S. identities and software tools for use in a cyberattack against Georgian government Web sites during the war between Russia and Georgia...

From ACM TechNews

In Search For Intelligence, a Silicon Brain Twitches

Blue Brain is a supercomputer-powered software model designed to closely simulate the activity of a rat's neocortical column (NCC) in the hope of gaining insights...

Computer Failures Are Probed in Jet Crash
From ACM TechNews

Computer Failures Are Probed in Jet Crash

Aviation investigators looking for a cause of the crash of Air France Flight 447 believe that a rapid chain of computer and equipment failures may have stripped...

From ACM TechNews

When Really Big Numbers Aren't Nearly Enough

Unallocated Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are expected to be depleted by some time in 2012, according to IPv6 Forum fellow Tony Hain. He and others advocate...
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