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An edited collection of advanced computing news from Communications of the ACM, ACM TechNews, other ACM resources, and news sites around the Web.

From ACM TechNews

Mozilla, Graphics Group Seek to Build 3D Web

Khronos wants to develop a public version of a royalty-free specification for accelerated three-dimensional (3D) graphics on the Web within 12 months. The consortium...

Q&A: The Robot Wars Have Arrived
From ACM TechNews

Q&A: The Robot Wars Have Arrived

Brookings Institution fellow P.W. Singer says in an interview that the military's funding of robotics will have ramifications in areas that people are as yet unaware...

From ACM TechNews

How Ibm's Sprucing ­p Its 'social' Side

IBM researchers are exploring ways of using social computing to encourage greater collaboration among enterprise users in an effort to make it easier for businesses...

From ACM News

Despite Layoffs, Microsoft Holding Firm on H-1bs

Citing their "crucial contributions to Microsoft's innovation successes," Microsoft said it will not significantly change its employment practices regarding immigrant...

From ACM TechNews

Stimulus Bill Includes $7.2 Billion For Broadband

The $787 billion economic stimulus package U.S. President Obama recently signed into law includes $7.2 billion for broadband grant and loan programs. Under the...

From ACM TechNews

Leading Futurists, Thinkers to Launch Silicon Valley ­niversity

Leading thinkers and futurists will launch Singularity University, an institution based in Silicon Valley that will offer a wide range of programs focusing on multiple...

From ACM TechNews

Dhs Creates Privacy Principles For Scientific Research

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has developed privacy principles for science and technology-related research and development projects that involve...

From ACM TechNews

Nasa Turns to Open-Source Problem-Tracking Databases

The recent launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour will involve the first live test of new software that was designed to streamline the process of problem reporting...
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