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Maryland: The State of Cyber Security

Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski

"This is not a war that's coming. We're in a war right this minute," says Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD.

Credit: UPI

Maryland's leaders want the state to take a lead role in the cyber security field in an effort to land thousands of jobs as the federal government and high-tech firms shift their focus to digital threats. "This is not a war that's coming. We're in a war right this minute," Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) said Monday (January 11) at a cyber security summit. "We are being attacked and we are being hacked, and we can make no mistake about it, whether they're trying to get into our critical national security system, whether they want to bring down our financial system or . . . steal 10,000 bucks."

Maryland, its leaders say, is well positioned to reap the benefits of public and private cyber defense spending. The state Department of Business and Economic Development released its roadmap to those jobs at the summit held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It called for improved work force training and education to meet the needs of high-tech companies, ramping up the marketing of the state as a cyber security "epicenter" and starting a center to foster the local growth of the industry.

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