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A.I. Tool Diagnoses Brain Tumors on the Operating Table

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An immediate diagnosis, generated early in a lengthy surgery, can help surgeons decide how aggressively to operate, the researchers said.

An A.I. diagnosis generated during the early stages of an hours-long surgery can help surgeons decide how aggressively to operate, researchers said.

Credit: A. Noor/BSIP/Alamy

Once their scalpels reach the edge of a brain tumor, surgeons are faced with an agonizing decision: cut away some healthy brain tissue to ensure the entire tumor is removed, or give the healthy tissue a wide berth and risk leaving some of the menacing cells behind.

Now scientists in the Netherlands report using artificial intelligence to arm surgeons with knowledge about the tumor that may help them make that choice.

The method, described in a study published on Wednesday in the journal Nature, involves a computer scanning segments of a tumor's DNA and alighting on certain chemical modifications that can yield a detailed diagnosis of the type and even subtype of the brain tumor.

From The New York Times
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