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Rfid Wristband Becomes a Theme Park Essential

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Precision Dynamics Vice President Robin Barber holding RFID wristbands

Precision Dynamics Vice President Robin Barber displays RFID wristbands used at theme parks as admission passes, cashless debit cards, hotel room keys and a form of identification to reunite lost children with parents.

Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

In a nondescript manufacturing plant on a quiet cul-de-sac in San Fernando, Calif., a khaki-green machine the size of a buffet table sucks in bright pink ribbon and spits out one of the hottest features in theme parks. Precision Dynamics Corp., a company that began making plastic hospital wristbands out of a Burbank garage more than 50 years ago, has become the nation's top producer of a new wristband with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for use at amusement parks, concerts, resorts and gyms. Vice President Robin Barber said the wristbands can also be used in healthcare to hold patient data to reduce medical errors.

From The Los Angeles Times
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