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AI Knows Where Your Proteins Go

AI Knows Where Your Proteins Go

Researchers from Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) in Japan have revealed that a machine-learning program can accurately predict the location of proteins related to actin, an important part of the cellular skeleton, based on the location of actin itself.

"While artificial intelligence has been used previously to predict the direction of cell migration based on a sequence of images, so far it has not been used to predict protein localization," says Shiro Suetsugu, lead author of the study. "We therefore sought to design a machine-learning algorithm that can determine where proteins will appear in the cell based on their relationship with other proteins."

Researchers trained an artificial intelligence system to predict where actin-associated proteins would be in the cell by showing it pictures of cells in which the proteins were labeled with fluorescent markers.

From Nara Institute of Science and Technology
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