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Quantum Computing Wars: IBM, Honeywell Make Major Moves as Competition Intensifies

IBM Germany engineers working on the IBM Quantum System One.

Competition continues to intensify in the drive to achieve full quantum computing.

Credit: IBM

June quantum computing market activities illustrate the growing public sector interest in quantum as both a source of high-paying jobs and a technology vital to a company's strategic sovereign interests.

Legacy technology innovation has always hinged on early funding for "protection of the commons" initiatives, where the funding was essentially for scientific discovery that, once hardened, could be retooled for commercial use cases. Quantum systems are no different in that regard.

Similarly, the Honeywell spin-merger with CQC also enables the new entity to participate in several national initiatives around cybersecurity and national defense by combining U.S. and U.K. firms into one operating unit. Scientific discovery and manufacturing process innovation also merited mention this month as Rigetti announced a chip manufacturing process that it claims will facilitate the manufacture of highly scalable systems of hundreds, if not thousands, of qubits.

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