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Don’t Kid Yourself: Online Lectures Are Here to Stay

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Online learning in action.

Skepticism about remote instruction's future may be premature.

Credit: Cornelia Li

Many smart people are predicting that unpleasant experiences with online learning during the pandemic will slow or reverse trends toward remote instruction. Little wonder: Aging Luddites like me, struggling to transmit our thoughts over unstable internet connections, have not been compelling advertisements for change.

After our students were sent home in March, many of us taught the balance of the semester's classes using Zoom, Canvas and other online resources. Few of us had any experience at this, and most of us weren't very good at it. So it's no surprise that, just as skeptics have observed, things didn't always go smoothly.

Yet skepticism about remote instruction's future may be premature. Mostly, that's because those of us who struggled in today's environment aren't the ones likely to be delivering online courses in the future.


From The New York Times
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