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EU’s Agenda to Regulate AI Does Little to Rein in Facial Recognition

A facial recognition system "reading" a young woman's face.

Last month, a draft white paper revealed that Europe was weighing a temporary five-year ban on facial recognition. That ban no longer appears in the final draft.

Credit: Business Insider

The term "facial recognition" only appears four times in the 27-page document that outlines Europe's vision for the future of artificial intelligence. Three of those four instances are in footnotes.

The document, known as the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, is a part of the European Union Commission's ambitious agenda to regulate the tech sector of the EU's 27 member nations, which it released this week (Feb. 19). 

AI ethics experts warn against the unregulated use of facial recognition, which is currently being deployed by both governments and the private sector. The fact that the controversial technology is barely mentioned in the white paper represents a remarkable shift in the EU's willingness to draw a hard line on its use. 


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