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Jumping Spiders and Flying Bees: The Rise of Bio-Inspired Microrobots

A microrobt bee in flight.

University of Manchester researchers are developing jumping robot spiders and swarms of robotic bees.

Credit: University of Manchester

Researchers at the University of Manchester in the U.K. developing jumping robot spiders and swarms of robotic bees have trained a species of jumping spider to jump different distances and heights, recording every movement in extreme detail using high-resolution cameras.

If robots can be developed that can perfectly mimic the way biological spiders jump, they can be used for applications in complex engineering and manufacturing, and can be deployed in unknown or dangerous environments, says Manchester researcher professor Mostafa Nabawy.

Nabawy also is developing flying robot bees, with the ultimate goal of creating a machine that can fly independently.

Nabawy notes these technologies can "be used for many different applications, including improving the current aerodynamic performances of aircraft."

From University of Manchester
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