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Protecting Bulk Power Systems From Hackers

Part of the electrical grid.

New research from Michigan Technological University delves into worst-case scenarios in which hackers exploit security weaknesses in the U.S. electrical power grid and execute a disruptive plan of cyberattacks.


New research from scientists at Michigan Technological University explores worst-case scenarios in which hackers exploit security weaknesses in the electrical grid to cause equipment failure and blackouts.

Innovations in smart-grid technology, including automated instruments in power plants and control centers, create additional entry points for hackers.

Michigan Tech professor Chee-Wooi Ten and his team assessed the weaknesses of the grid using a framework that can constantly analyze the bottleneck of a power grid and its connection with neighboring grids.

Ten says established metrics will help researchers monitor vulnerabilities and improve regulations to match infrastructure needs.

"Simply because the remote substation networks are constantly commissioned with full compliance doesn't mean they are secure," Ten notes. "There is going to be a tremendous impact if we're negligent and fail to keep up with changes in communication infrastructure and emerging security threats."

From Michigan Tech News
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