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Selfie With a View on 'cybernetics and Systems Analysis'

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A selfie of Dmitry Zaitsev.

When witnessing and being a part of something that requires major public attention, sometimes a measure of ego is necessary, says Dmitry Zaitsev of International Humanitarian University, Ukraine.

Credit: Dmitry Zaitsev (

Selfies are all the rage recently, though many people resent seeing suchlike narcissistic affairs. The topic of most selfies is "me and something remarkable," but many of them even suffer from ignoring any background with the only topic being: "I am surprisingly beautiful with this peculiar grimace."

But when witnessing and being a part of something that requires major public attention, sometimes a measure of ego is necessary. I am attempting to avoid such excessive selfishness in my "selfie" and pay due respect to my contemporary—the best CS journal in Ukraine, which has been published since 1965. Cybernetics and Systems Analysis (CSA) is the only CS Ukrainian journal indexed in Scopus and included in JCR 1997-1999. I like to believe that this is because during those years we published a couple of papers [1,2] in it. In spite of the fact that the journal is republished and translated in English by Springer, it lays aside the citation thoroughfares of the civilized world. Sometimes good results published in CSA remain unheeded for years because very few scientists look inside it.

Ukraine has solid background in Computer Science, established with the first in the continental Europe computer MESM put into operation in 1951 in Kiev Laboratory of Sergey Lebedev. The further maintenance and development of the computer since 1956 was continued by Victor Glushkov, who headed Cybernetics Institute of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, created in 1962. The Institute, which established numerous branches in universities all around Ukraine, has become the center of Computer Science in Ukraine. It is widely known for its scientific achievements and bright scientists such as Zinoviy Rabinovich, Vladimir Skurihin, Igor Velbitsky, Ivan Sergiyenko, and others. It has developed new kinds of computer hardware and software and fulfilled numerous application projects for production control, management, and artificial intelligence. Interested parties can trace the implementation of "paperless management technology" and "state control system" as original concepts of Vladimir Glushkov. In 1965, a journal named Cybernetics was founded and renamed in Cybernetics and Systems Analysis in 1991.

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Jinsong Wu

This journal can be considered as a pioneer effort in Cybernetics

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