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Facebook's AI Is Learning Language by Reading Loads of Children's Books

Illustration of a computer reading a book.

Facebook is training its artificial intelligence system by having it read children's books.


Facebook is using data from children's books to train its artificial intelligence (AI) system, and one of the system's focal points is understanding natural language.

The children's books are being used to gauge how well the AI can understand what it is reading. As part of the reading comprehension tests, the AI is presented with missing words in a passage and asked to fill in the correct options to complete the paragraph. The AI will achieve a higher score the better it understands the context and meaning of the passage.

Language is not the only area of AI research Facebook is focused on, as the AI team also is involved in visual recognition of media, language translation, and speech recognition.

Another dataset released in February showed the Facebook AI is studying movie trivia, analyzing more than 108,000 questions taken from an online repository.

Facebook also recently announced it is using its AI system to develop detailed maps that will be used by its Connectivity Lab, which aims to design a satellite and possible drone-based Internet system.

Finally, the AI is being used to identify buildings and other human-made structures in satellite images, combining the information with census data to generate population density maps.

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