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'Alan Turing: His Work and Impact' Named 2013 PROSE Award Winner

Alan Turing: His Work and Impact

The winner of the R.R. Hawkins Award at the 38th annual PROSE Awards.

Credit: Elsevier

Alan Turing: His Work and Impact, initiated and published by Elsevier and edited by S. Barry Cooper and Jan van Leeuwen, was selected for the R.R. Hawkins Award, the top honor at the 38th annual PROSE Awards.

The PROSE Awards, considered the most prestigious competition in professional and scholarly publishing, were presented at the PSP Annual Conference yesterday in Washington DC.

Celebrating the centenary of his birth, Alan Turing: His Work and Impact was praised as a fitting tribute to the life of the legendary mathematical and scientific genius, considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. S. Barry Cooper, of University of Leeds, UK, and Jan van Leeuwen, of Utrecht University, the Netherlands, were the editors.

"This remarkable volume contains a selection of more than two dozen of Turing’s most important writings, lectures and broadcasts from 1936 to 1954 and extensive commentaries from researchers and practitioners whose intellectual and personal lives Turing’s persona and work have influenced profoundly," explained Myer Kutz, Myer Kutz Associates, and Mathematics Judge for PROSE.

"The breadth of Turing’s interests is astonishing. The products of this unique mind are made accessible to both specialists and general readers by this touching and learned book – a fitting recipient of 2013 R.R. Hawkins Award."

The complete list of awardees.

Additional information about the 2013 PROSE Awards.


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