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World's Most Human-Like Android Head

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A Hanson Robokind android head.

One of the new human-like android heads, which feature 36 servomotors to generate highly articulated facial expressions.

Credit: Hanson Robokind

Roboticist David Hanson says he will debut his latest android, the Dmitry Avatar-A head modeled after 2045 Initiative founder Dmitry Itskov, at the Global Future 2045 (GF2045) congress.

Hanson calls the device the "world's most human-like android head," containing 36 servomotors to generate highly articulated facial expressions, high-resolution sensors in the eyes, and a new formulation of Hanson's elastic Frubber polymer to simulate human musculature and skin movement. Each eye in the head will be capable of independent motion. Hanson says the new Frubber formulation employs "1/20th the power of other materials, as well as new mechanisms for improved facial expressions. It also has increased consistency, movement, strength, and manufacturability."

Hanson also says Dmitry Avatar-A will be more expressive and realistic, as well as bigger and more aesthetically appealing. He says the robots he is unveiling at GF2045 benefit from being lighter in weight, with more power efficiency and adaptive intelligence.

Hanson's Hanson RoboKind company is collaborating with universities and research groups to investigate human and robotic interaction, as well as robotics, artificial intelligence, material science, cognitive science, and neuroscience.

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