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Physicists Explore Spin Properties of Electrons in Graphene


Graphene is composed of carbon atoms arranged in tightly bound hexagons just one atom thick.

Scientists from Georgia State University (GSU) and the Georgia Institute of Technology have used electrical resistance to examine the spin properties of electrons in graphene.  

Considered a potential key material for new spintronic devices, graphene is still so new that scientists must perform much more research to understand its properties. "When you shine microwaves on the device, the microwave energy equals the spin-splitting energy," says GSU professor Ramesh Mani. "Measuring spin resonance electrically is especially useful for nanoscale devices."

He notes that "by doing such a measurement, we can measure properties like the spin splitting energy, and the spin relaxation time directly." The results of the research will enable scientists to carry out further studies of graphene, leading to ways to optimize the material for spintronic applications. The researchers say spintronic devices could serve as the building block for new computers in the field of quantum computing and other technologies.

From Georgia State University
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