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Researchers Improve Fast-Moving Mobile Networks

Illustration of network nodes

Illustration by Leander Herzog

A new method developed by researchers from North Carolina State University (NCSU) promises to improve the quality and efficiency of data transmission in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs).

MANETs present a challenge for transmitting data because the nodes that transmit and receive data are in motion, and the faster they move the harder it is for the network to identify effective relay paths for transmitting data, considering the power of the data-transmission channels fluctuates much more rapidly at high speed.

The team's method improves the ability of each node in the network to select the best path for relaying data, as well as the best path for transmitting the data that ensures reliable reception. When a node needs to transmit a message, it first measures the strength of transmissions it is receiving from potential relays. The data is then plugged into an algorithm that predicts which relay will be strongest when the message is transmitted. The algorithm also tells the node the rate at which it should transmit the data.

"Our goal was to get the highest data rate possible, without compromising the fidelity of the signal," says NCSU professor Alexandra Duel-Hallen.

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