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Intel Spreads Its ­niversity Research Bets

Computing in general is increasingly applying the old engineering dictum, divide and conquer. Look at the engines behind cloud computing—vast, distributed armies of server computers. Even at the chip level, the wave of the recent past and the future is, as they say in the industry, multicore—microprocessors with multiple data-processing cores, for lower-power consumption and better performance.

So Intel, the chip giant, has decided to take a more distributed approach to financing university research. The company said this week that it would pour $100 million over the next five years into projects at universities. Each of the projects will involve a few Intel researchers, typically four, with far-flung teams of researchers from several universities.

Some of the money will be additional financing, but Intel is also shutting down its previous company-university collaborations. These were small labs set up in partnership with three institutions—Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Washington and the University of California, Berkeley. They were called "lablets," and they were stand-alone facilities.

From The New York Times
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