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Will the It Guy Learn to Love Apple?

iPad, iPhone

Apple is pitching the iPad and iPhone as corporate productivity tools, and more and more companies are beginning to try them out.

Joshua Goldman / CNET

It's likely you've got an Apple product plugged into your ears when you're listening to music. Making a phone call? One out of every five people buying a smartphone are choosing an iPhone. And Apple's share of consumer laptop sales jumped to 10.6 percent in the last quarter.

Now here's the big question: Does your IT department, the guys who think it's just fine that you're still using a Windows XP laptop (and P.S., stop whining about it), give a hoot about all this Apple stuff?

Apple executives hope so. The pitch the company has been making in recent months is simple: Employees are already using plenty of Apple products on their own time and like them, and the iPad is a great, lightweight tool for Web-based corporate software. If you thought this was just lip service, Apple is even now working with the decidedly old-school consultants at Unisys to approach big corporate and government customers.

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