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Communications of the ACM

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APIs, Standards, and Enabling Infrastructure

The widespread sharing of common or standardized APIs confers rich opportunities for choices of operating system or library implementations for the programming of applications.
DEPARTMENT: Departments

Quantum Hype and Quantum Skepticism

The beauty of classical computing is that developing algorithms is incredibly easy. In contrast, in more than 25 years of intense research on quantum computing, only a few dozen algorithms have been developed.
DEPARTMENT: Letters to the editor

Don't Ignore the Cost of 'Embedded Energy'

Andrew A. Chien's Editor's Letter (March 2019) addressed the topic of our common responsibility for the ecological cost of our industry but said nothing about so-called "embedded energy" when exploring the growth of electronic …

Implementing Guidelines for Governance, Oversight of AI, and Automation

Governance and independent oversight on the design and implementation of all forms of artificial intelligence and automation is a cresting wave about to break comprehensively on the field of IT and computing.

Questioning Quantum

Researchers hunt for ways to keep quantum computing honest.

Code Talkers

Using voice input to write programs.

Deep Insecurities: The Internet of Things Shifts Technology Risk

A more connected world sounds alluring, but without better protections, the Internet of Things could lead to disaster.
COLUMN: Law and technology

Continuity and Change in Internet Law

The fundamentals of the field of Internet law have remained consistent, but details have evolved in response to technological innovation.
COLUMN: Privacy and security

Encryption and Surveillance

Why the law-enforcement access question will not just go away.
COLUMN: Education

What Does It Mean for a Computing Curriculum to Succeed?

Examining the expansion, proliferation, and integration of computing education everywhere.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Enterprise Wi-Fi: We Need Devices That Are Secure by Default

Seeking to increase awareness of WPA2 Enterprise network security technology flaws and reduce risk to users.
SECTION: Practice

Achieving Digital Permanence

The many challenges to maintaining stored information and ways to overcome them.

Online Event Processing

Achieving consistency where distributed transactions have failed.

Net Neutrality: Unexpected Solution to Blockchain Scaling

Cloud-delivery networks could dramatically improve blockchains' scalability, but clouds must be provably neutral first.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Countering the Negative Image of Women in Computing

A positive image would inspire the capable but underrepresented who might otherwise give up on computing.

The Limit of Blockchains: Infeasibility of a Smart Obama-Trump Contract

Although smart contracts are Turing complete, it is a misconception that they can fulfill all routine contracts.
SECTION: Review articles

Algorithmic Randomness

Tracing some of the latest advancements in algorithmic randomness.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: Compressing Matrices for Large-Scale Machine Learning

Demand for more powerful big data analytics solutions has spurred the development of novel programming models, abstractions, and platforms. "Scaling Machine Learning via Compressed Linear Algebra" seeks to address many of these …

Compressed Linear Algebra for Declarative Large-Scale Machine Learning

General-purpose compression struggles to achieve both good compression ratios and fast decompression for blockwise uncompressed operations. Therefore, we introduce Compressed Linear Algebra for lossless matrix compression.
COLUMN: Last byte

Like Old Times

The Furby singularity promises eternal conversation with the untimely departed.