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What You Read on Your Summer Vacation

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As publishers, it is imperative we always stay attuned to the kind of editorial material our audience finds most professionally valuable and engaging. Indeed, we devour Web analytics about Communications' site to better serve our current audience and to draw more into the fold. And we intend to share that information with you on a regular basis. Here, we present the most popular articles and sections this past summer (starting with the Memorial Day weekend, May 22) as indicated by our latest site statistics.

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Top Articles

FYI: Only full-text articles are ranked, though some abstracts got more pageviews.

  1. The Five-Minute Rule 20 Years Later
  2. One Laptop Per Child: Vision vs. Reality
  3. Whither Sockets?
  4. CS Education in the U.S.: Heading in the Wrong Direction?
  5. API Design Matters
  6. Award-Winning Paper Reveals Key to Netflix Prize
  7. Time for Computer Science to Grow Up
  8. How Computer Science Serves the Developing World
  9. Why 'Open Source' Misses the Point of Free Software
  10. Conferences vs. Journals in Computing Research

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Top Blog Posts

FYI: Michael Stonebraker's #1 entry had more than 10 times the traffic of his #5 entry.

  1. The End of a DBMS Era (Might Be Upon Us)
  2. The Siren Song of Startups
  3. The Biggest Gains Come From Knowing Your Data
  4. What Is a Good Recommendation Algorithm?
  5. DB MSs for Science Applications: A Possible Solution

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Top Sections:

FYI: The homepage got more pageviews than all of these sections combined.

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  4. Blogs:
  5. Author Guidelines:

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Top Issues:

FYI: The site's momentum is evident.

  1. June 2009:
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