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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

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COLUMN: The business of software

Software: Hard Data

Seeking solid information on the behavior of modern projects.
COLUMN: Staying connected

Home Turf

Service providers are building their networks right to your door---that is, your den, your bedroom, and your kitchen.

Top 10 Downloads from ACM's Digital Library

COLUMN: Viewpoint

Wireless Laptops in the Classroom (and the Sesame Street Syndrome)

Give instructors the option of turning off wireless Web access to accommodate their students' learning styles, in some cases to save them from themselves.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Privacy and security in highly dynamic systems


Personalization in Privacy-Aware Highly Dynamic Systems

Enabling novel ways to personalize the relationship with customers without sacrificing their privacy.

Distributed -Usage Control

Using a server-side architecture to connect specialized enforcement mechanisms with usage control requirements and policies.

Externally Verifiable Code Execution

Using hardware- and software-based techniques to realize a primitive for externally verifiable code execution.

Perspectives For Cryptographic Long-Term Security

Cryptographic long-term security is needed, but difficult to achieve. Use flexible cryptographic tools, and have replacements ready.

Legal Programming

Using a process modeling-based approach to address privacy and related legal issues arising in an RFID-based augmented reality shopping situation.
COLUMN: A Wiki for discussing and promoting best practices in research

A Wiki For Discussing and Promoting Best Practices in Research

Dealing with the demands of escalating paper submissions is a daunting challenge for conference organizers and program chairs. ACM and IEEE have joined forces to create a forum for sharing ideas on the best ways to handle it …

What Is Your Software Worth?

By applying well-known principlesof intellectual property valuation,sales expectations, growth of maintained software, discounting to present value, and the like, a method is presented for valuingsoftware based on the income …

Tapping the Power of Text Mining

Sifting through vast collections of unstructured or semistructured data beyond the reach of data mining tools, text mining tracks information sources, links isolated concepts in distant documents, maps relationships between activities …

Polaris: Virus-Safe Computing For Windows XP

It limits the damage a virus can do by using the operating system's own security mechanisms to enforce the Principle of Least Authority on individual applications.

Mobile Data Service Fuels the Desire For -niqueness

Mobile content creators and service providers can leverage users' desire to be unique to expand revenue.

Asian Trio's Adoption of Linux-Based Open Source Development

Three Asian economic heavyweights---China, Japan, and South Korea---join IT forces.
COLUMN: Inside risks

The Foresight Saga