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Editorial Pointers

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COLUMN: The profession of IT

Hastily Formed Networks

The ability to form multi-organizational networks rapidly is crucial to humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and large urgent projects. Designing and implementing the network's conversation space is the central challenge.
COLUMN: Digital village

Phishing Mongers and Posers

Unmasking deceptive schemes that range from clever to clumsy.

Statewide Databases of Registered Voters

A study of accuracy, privacy, usability, security, and reliability issues.

Top 10 Downloads from ACM's Digital Library

COLUMN: President's letter

Seven Reasons to Shave Your Head and Three Reasons Not to: The Bald Truth

Many of these monthly missives have addressed the different ways ACM is working to change the image of computing professionals. This month, in the spirit of April Fool's Day, we root out the ACM President's effort to change that …
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Toward Meaningful Computing

Computer science can revolutionize the humanities as it has the hard sciences by revealing and contextualizing the meaning hidden in digital libraries.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Supporting exploratory search


Exploratory Search: From Finding to Understanding

Research tools critical for exploratory search success involve the creation of new interfaces that move the process beyond predictable fact retrieval.

mSpace: Improving Information Access to Multimedia Domains with Multimodal Exploratory Search

Exploring Personal Information

Exploring the Computing Literature with Visualization and Stepping Stones & Pathways

An alternative interpretation of queries involves splitting a query into parts that cover different but connected aspects of the information needed.

Clustering Versus Faceted Categories For Information Exploration

Supporting Insight-Based Information Exploration in Intelligence Analysis

Capturing the exploratory search process can help represent analytical insight.

Find that Photo!: Interface Strategies to Annotate, Browse, and Share

Using Temporal Patterns of Interactions to Design Effective Automated Searching Assistance

From Fingerprint to Writeprint

Identifying the key features to help identify and trace online authorship.

Modeling Strategies and Alternatives For Data Warehousing Projects

Choosing the appropriate modeling approach is often the critical factor in the success or failure of a data warehousing implementation.

What Drives Market Transactions in B2B Exchanges?

A successful digital marketplace exploits content, governance, and structure in its business model to help generate revenue-producing transactions between buyer and seller firms.

Does Color in Email Make a Difference?

Yes, if used correctly, it can excite and please, prompting recipients to respond as the sender intended---clicking a designated link or even buying something.

Thinking About Computer Systems to Support Design Synthesis

What should the CAD systems of the future be like?

Beyond Stereotypes of IT Professionals: Implications For IT HR Practices

IT professionals are complicated—managers need to go beyond stereotypes to truly understand them.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

IT Managers' Requisite Skills

Matching job seekers' qualifications with employers' skill requirements.
COLUMN: Inside Risks

Fake ID: Batteries Not Included