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Editorial Pointers

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COLUMN: Practical programmer

Looking Into the Challenges of Complex It Projects

Investigating the implications of developing conclusions based on faulty fundamental premises.
COLUMN: The profession of IT

Decision Making in Very Large Networks

Centralized decision making does not work in large federated networks, of which the Internet itself is an example.

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COLUMN: Viewpoint

Biologically Uninspired Computer Science

Don't limit your inspiration to biology, today's favorite metaphor, when developing new architectures and systems.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Entertainment networking


Demanding new Internet applications have produced a radical and fundamental shift in the nature of entertainment.

How Sensitive Are Online Gamers to Network Quality?

Game-playing time is strongly related to network QoS, helping determine user satisfaction and deliver better service quality to online gamers.

Latency and Player Actions in Online Games

Latency determines not only how players experience online gameplay but also how to design the games to mitigate its effects and meet player expectations.

Managing Latency and Fairness in Networked Games

Fighting propagation delays in real-time interactive applications improves gameplay and fairness in networked games by trading off inconstencies and tuning decision points topology.

Enabling Network-Centric Music Performance in Wide-Area Networks

NMP on the Internet is not only possible, its delay bounds can satisfy the tight requirements involved in human perception while generating high-end audio quality for musicians and listeners alike.

Anyone Can Broadcast Video Over the Internet

A mesh-based P2P streaming mechanism provides TV-like distribution service to average computer users over the Internet with no special support from the network.

Collaborative Streaming in Heterogeneous and Dynamic Scenarios

This media streaming architecture solves the problems of collaborative session management, from session sharing to control of the common session state to session transfer among networked clients.

New Architecture For Intra-Domain Network Security Issues

Developing an effective platform for deterring network attacks.

Critical Risks in Outsourced IT Projects: The Intractable and the Unforeseen

Pre-partnering lets clients and vendors develop a clear understanding of a project---including how well the other will handle its inevitable complexities.

A -niform Code of Ethics: Business and IT Professional Ethics

Business and IT professionals have enough in common that they can share a universal code of ethics.

Current Trends in Web Data Analysis

Considering potential reasons for the underutilization of clickstream data and suggesting ways to enhance its use.
COLUMN: Inside risks

COTS and Other Electronic Voting Backdoors