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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

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News Track



COLUMN: Technology strategy and management

Envisioning the Future of India's Software Services Business

Forecasting coming challenges for Indian software companies.

Top 10 Downloads from ACM's Digital Library

COLUMN: Legally speaking

IBM's Pragmatic Embrace of Open Source

Open source has changed the intellectual property landscape of the software industry.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Flexible and distributed software processes: old petunias in new bowls?


Ambidextrous Coping Strategies in Globally Distributed Software Development Projects

Strategies for enhancing flexibility and rigor.

Can Distributed Software Development Be Agile?

Three organizations studied here suggest the answer is "yes," when the unique characteristics of both environments are successfully blended.

Aligning IT Components to Achieve Agility in Globally Distributed System Development

Agile IT strategy, infrastructure, and project management are key elements for realizing agility in GDSD projects.

Dependency Forecasting in the Distributed Agile Organization

Globally Distributed Software Development and Pair Programming

The benefits of pair programming are unquestioned provided the pairs work in close proximity. Globally distributed software development creates opportunities for remote pair programming. What must be done to yield the same benefits …

Toward Nature-Inspired Computing

NIC-based systems utilize autonomous entities that self-organize to achieve the goals of systems modeling and problem solving.

Building Objects out of Plato: Applying Philosophy, Symbolism, and Analogy to Software Design

If we analyze a program as we do a story, we might ask: "What is the author really saying?"

What Makes a Good Programmer?

An examination of the relationship of values, cognitive ability, and personality as predictors of object-oriented programming performance.

Why Spoofing Is Serious Internet Fraud

Fake Web sites fool the unwary into divulging personal data, undermining all consumers' trust in e-commerce, no matter how trustworthy the authentic online business truly is.

Who Gets Spammed?

Spam is no random event, but specifically targets those with purchasing power.

Studying the Current Status of Technology Adoption

Examining the extent and nature of adoption of technologies by micro, small, and medium-sized manufacturing firms in the greater Boston area.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Virtual Machines, Virtual Security?