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Editorial Pointers

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COLUMN: Technology strategy and management

Google: What It Is and What It Is Not

Searching for the most successful combination of usefulness, expansiveness, and sustainability.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

On the Nature of Computing

Computing is its own virtual world, bound only by its practitioners' imaginations and creativity.
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SPECIAL ISSUE: Medical image modeling tools and applications


Medical image analysis and modeling are essential to many fields of medicine, including radiology, surgery, and medical education. Traditionally, doctors have based their practice on 2D images, such as those produced from scanners …

Hepatic Surgery Simulation

The goal of surgical simulation is to provide highly realistic training to increase the diffusion of innovative and less-invasive procedures while decreasing the surgeon's learning curve. Consider, for instance, the development …

Virtual Colonoscopy

A computer-graphics-based alternative to conventional optical colonoscopy, known as virtual colonoscopy (VC) or computed tomography colonography (CTC), is rapidly gaining popularity. During this procedure, which was concurrently …

Volumetric Heart Modeling and Analysis

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the Western world and consequently the study of normal and pathological heart behavior is an active research area. In particular, the study of the shape and motion of the heart is …

Incorporating 3D Virtual Anatomy Into the Medical Curriculum

The introduction of the Visible Human Project by Ackerman in 1995, described in the seminal paper in 1996 [9], brought a promise to anatomists that these two frozen, milled, and digitized cadavers---the Visible Male and Female …

Open Source Software For Medical Image Processing and Visualization

Societies often create smaller subsets or communities that connect with one another for commerce and intellectual exchange over mutual interests. In science and engineering, the need for communication among researchers is often …
DEPARTMENT: Professional de-charter notice

Notice of Intent to De-Charter Professional Chapters

DEPARTMENT: Student de-charter notice

Notice of Intent to De-Charter Student Chapters

Centralization Momentum: the Pendulum Swings Back Again

Discussing whether IT architecture should be centralized or decentralized is as old as the technology itself. We propose that, notwithstanding the various perspectives that have been brought to the debate, what is missing thus …

Trust in E-Commerce

Web-based businesses succeed by cultivating consumers' trust, starting with their beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and willingness to perform transactions at Web sites and with the organizations behind them.

Evaluating Information Security Investments -sing the Analytic Hierarchy Process

In today's information-based economy, organizations must avoid costly information security breaches. Unfortunately, organizations cannot make all of their information 100% secure all of the time. There are economic, as well as …

The Value of Mobile Applications: a Utility Company Study

Mobile and wireless devices are enabling organizations to conduct business more effectively. Mobile applications can be used to support e-commerce with customers and suppliers, and to conduct e-business within and across organizational …

Examining Differences Across Journal Rankings

Many have studied and ranked the quality of computing journals over the last 15 years. This composite of the top 50 was created by examining how those rankings fared over time and across studies.

Intelligent Mobile Crisis Response Systems

Systems to help coordinate responder communication and response efforts in order to minimize the threat to human life and damage to property.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Dataless Objects Considered Harmful

Novice programmers should be taught not only the value of faithfully representing objects but, even more important, multiple programming paradigms as well.

E-Government -sability For Older Adults

It is imperative that online government services appreciate the navigational needs of an ever-growing segment of their constituency.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Responsibilities of Technologists