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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

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COLUMN: Practical programmer

The Mystery of Formal Methods Disuse

A story of zealotry and chicanery.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

A Science of Design For Software-Intensive Systems

Computer science and engineering needs an intellectually rigorous, analytical, teachable design process to ensure development of systems we all can live with.
COLUMN: On site

Computer Science Education in Japan

Firsthand observations trace the current state, future potential, and obstacles ahead for Japanese academia.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Interactive immersion in 3D graphics


Complex 3D worlds built from scientific data or transformed into multiplayer games can be experienced naturally, not just viewed through flat 2D windows.

Designing Cranial Implants in a Haptic Augmented Reality Environment

Medical sculptors and neurosurgeons create virtual 3D cranial models based on patient CT data superimposed over their hands as if they were sculpting physical models.

Physically Based Virtual Painting

Tapping the compelling illusion of physical interaction with paints, brushes, surfaces, color, and light, users express the nuances of their visual and emotional imaginations.

Toward the Merging of Real and Virtual Spaces

In hybrid environments, where real and virtual overlap, participants naturally see, touch, and manipulate the object at hand.

Visualizing Dynamic Architectural Environments

How to expose the internal 3D structures of multiplayer games and architectural models by automatically generating interactive exploded views.

Adaptive Document Layout

How to automatically reformat, resize, and paginate electronic text and graphics so documents look as good on displays of any size as they do on paper.

Is Hierarchical Public-Key Certification the Next Target For Hackers?

Considering alternatives to hierarchical authentication structures that are not sufficiently secure for communication on open networks such as the Internet.

Certified Mail: the Next Challenge For Secure Messaging

The lack of evidence for message receipt is a missing piece of the infrastructure required for the more professional use of email.

Electronic Frontiers in Foreign Exchange Trading

In pursuit of the $1.2-trillion-a-day opportunity.

2004 ACM Awards Banquet: a Night to Celebrate

ACM played host to over 200 industry luminaries at its 2004 Awards Banquet held June 5 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The event recognizes technical excellence and outstanding service to the computing field. The 2003 award …

Does Telecommuting Really Increase Productivity?

As many companies have learned in the last decade, the reality of telecommuting does not reflect the hype, the expected potential, or the existing literature.

Voice Says It All in the Navy

The commercial potential for voice technology innovations currently being developed by the U.S. Navy is immense.

Negotiating in Service-Oriented Environments

Buy or rent? This question applies not only to houses and cars, but now to software.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Close Exposures of the Digital Kind