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ACM provides a large number of online resources for its members, some of which you may not be aware of. In an attempt to rectify this situation, we are introducing a monthly column listing the most popular downloads in three categories: refereed journal and conference papers, magazines and survey articles, and online courses. The three tables show the top 10 papers, articles, and courses ranked each month (this column reflects July 2004 statistics), and then how those top 10 fared over the prior year (July 2004 to July 2003).

If you see something you'd like to read and don't recall your ACM login and password, just follow the friendly links on to establish a new account. An email verification will then be sent to you to activate your Web account. If you haven't requested the online option as part of your membership and wish to add it, you can do so from the ACM home page at Click on the orange box "Subscribe to Publications" on the upper right-hand side of the screen and select "Digital Library."

Refereed journal and conference papers represent about 75% of the downloads from the ACM Portal. They are remarkably diverse by topic and by year and they are "flat:" the top 10 represent only about 0.2% of the downloads in this category.

The Top 10 magazine and survey articles represent about 3% of the downloads in this category. This list includes full articles only; we have eliminated departments such as notices from the editor, for example. We also do not include the current month's issue and last month's issue since some ACM members subscribe to these publications electronically only, and downloads for these issues are often those members simply getting their subscription via the Portal.

Online courses are available to members as part of the Professional Development Center (PDC). These courses are downloaded onto your computer and typically take about six hours. Note that this top 10 features learning about relational databases and newer programming languages. Although these are mostly introductory courses, the PDC does include more advanced courses. I expect these courses will become increasingly valuable in your careers, as we cope with both fast-moving technology and the responsibility to keep up to datea responsibility today that is yours rather than your company's.

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David A. Patterson is the president of ACM.

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UT1Table. Top 10 Most Popular Papers from Journals and Proceedings for July 2004.

UT2Table. Top 10 Most Popular Magazine and Computing Surveys Articles for July 2004.

UT3Table. Top 10 Most Popular PDC Courses and Books for July 2004.

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