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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

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News Track



COLUMN: Staying connected

Rfid: Is This Game of Tag Fair Play?

Tracking the circuitous tradeoffs of potential consumer benefit versus marketer intrusiveness.
COLUMN: The business of software

When Executives Code

Corporate executives are realizing that not only is managing software important, it is the essence of what they do.

ACM Annual Report For Fy03

SPECIAL ISSUE: Multimodal interfaces that flex, adapt, and persist


Multibiometric Systems

The latest research indicates using a combination of biometric avenues for human identification is more effective, and far more challenging.

Tangible Multimodal Interfaces For Safety-Critical Applications

Designing effective digital systems in safety-critical arenas takes interfaces inspired by, or included in, the physical world.

Multimodal Conversational Systems For Automobiles

Multimodal Processing By Finding Common Cause

Commonalities help answer many context-aware questions that arise in human-computer interaction.

Guidelines For Multimodal -ser Interface Design

Computer Vision in the Interface

There are still obstacles to achieving general, robust, high-performance computer vision systems. The last decade, however, has seen significant progress in vision technologies for human-computer interaction.

Challenges in Adopting Speech Recognition

Although progress has been impressive, there are still several hurdles that speech recognition technology must clear before ubiquitous adoption can be realized. R&D in spontaneous and free-flowing speech style is critical to …

Managing Conflict in Software Testing

Conflict between software testers and developers is inevitable, but mindful managers minimize its effect on development projects through communication, mutual respect, even social interaction.

Effective Practices For It Skills Staffing

How to identify, hire, and keep prized IT professionals with the skills companies need most to compete in uncertain technological and business times.

Understanding Meteor Burst Communications Technologies

Seeking to realize the potential of a reemergent communications capability.

Network and Computing Research Infrastructure: Back to the Future

Return to the historical ARPANET and NSFNET model to support simultaneous application, computational, middleware, storage, and network research on the same experimental infrastructure.

Programming Languages and Gender

Comparing differences and similarities in programming language usage according to programmer gender.

Global Software Piracy Revisited

Determining why the roots of the disparity in national piracy levels lie beyond economics.

Trust-Building Measures: a Review of Consumer Health Portals

Health Web sites are employ a medley of trust-building approaches. But does a definitive formula exist for winning consumer trust?
COLUMN: Inside risks

Believing in Myths