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Communications of the ACM

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Editorial Pointers

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COLUMN: The business of software

In the Zone: the Need For Flexible Roles

Blurring the lines of distinction between team roles is often necessary to adapt to a changing environment.
COLUMN: Practical programmer

One Giant Step Backward

Old saying: "The more things change, the more they remain the same" …or do they?
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Life Beyond the Bubbles

The technology, Internet, bandwidth, and content bubbles all burst, scattering not only broken dreams but new seeds of innovation and enterprise.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Wireless networking security


In the time span of just a few years, wireless local area networking went from being a novelty to revolutionizing the way many organizations connect their computers. Visit any major department store, hospital, or office building …

Security Problems in 802.11-Based Networks

Assessing inherent wireless network security deficiencies and seeking solutions.

Security Flaws in 802.11 Data Link Protocols

Understanding the difficulties in security protocol design and attempting to relocate the struggle between hacker and defender to a different protocol layer.

802.11b Access Point Mapping

Considering some of the practical issues encountered when finding and mapping wireless network access points.

Why Wi-Fi Wants to Be Free

As the telecommunications industry wavers, a global grassroots movement is building the next-generation wireless network.

Payments and Banking with Mobile Personal Devices

Mobile devices enable secure, convenient authorization of e-banking, retail payment, brokerage, and other types of transactions.

The Extensible Rule Markup Language

XRML explicates the rules implicitly embedded in Web pages, enabling software agents to process the rules automatically.

Agility: the Key to Survival of the Fittest in the Software Market

The ideas of Darwinian evolution can illuminate the niches in which systems can flourish in today's tumultuous IT environment---and help identify the inevitable evolutionary changes.

"of Course It's True; I Saw It on the Internet!": critical Thinking in the Internet Era

Students use the Net as a primary source of information, usually with little or no regard as to the accuracy of that information.

Affinity to Infinity in Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Platforms

Adapting the social paradigm of face-to-face human communication, they promote ad hoc knowledge exchange among peers, leveraging individual expertise at the periphery of the network.

Real-Time Taxi Dispatching -sing Global Positioning Systems

Hailing a taxi in Singapore now employs the latest positioning technology for matching passengers with the nearest available cabs, thus achieving greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

It Outsourcing Evolution: Past, Present, and Future

To achieve complex solutions in the rapidly changing world of e-commerce, it is impossible to go it alone. This explains the latest trend in IT outsourcing---global and partner-based alliances. But where do we go from here?
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Seeds For Random Number Generators

Techniques for choosing seeds for social and scientific applications of random number generators.
COLUMN: Inside risks

E-Epistemology and Misinformation