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Communications of the ACM

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COLUMN: Digital village

Anonymizing the Net

Sanitizing packets for fun and profit.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Legal and Technological Efforts to Lock up Content Threaten Innovation

Legislation poses greater restrictions on the very freedom on which the Net was founded.
COLUMN: Staying connected

Getting Real

Providers have a new boss: The customer.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Folk Computing

Communicating through the natural human senses, not just theusual text and images, experiential environments can serve even the illiterate and impoverished in the remotest human societies.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Digital rights management and fair use by design


The fair-use exceptions in U.S. copyright law are being undermined by rules programmed into consumer electronics and computers that reflect the exclusive interest of rights holders alone.

Fair Use, Drm, and Trusted Computing

How can DRM architectures protect historical copyright limitations like fair use while ensuring the security and property interests of copyright owners?

Drm {and, Or, Vs.} the Law

The main purpose of DRM is not to prevent copyright infringement but to change consumer expectations about what they are entitled to do with digital content.

Drm and Privacy

How should the law respond to DRM restrictions that invade user privacy?

Fair use By Design in the European Copyright Directive of 2001

Is it an empty promise, privileging and preserving author interests at the expense of the public goal of safeguarding fair-use exceptions?

A Skeptical View of Drm and Fair use

Don't expect DRM to ever be smart enough to distinguish fair use from copyright infringement.

Encouraging Recognition of Fair Uses in Drm Systems

Create subsets of fair uses---safe harbors---that are allowed without the explicit permission of copyright holders.

Software Development Method Tailoring at Motorola

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to be added but when there is nothing left to take away.<br>---Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Content Management For Electronic Music Distribution

Two approaches to distributing music on the Net---the hard way and the easy way---compete and complement each other in the quest for meaningful musical metadata.

Bringing Non-Adopters Along: the Challenge Facing the Pc Industry

Until holdout buyers are convinced a PC will operate like a workhorse home appliance, PC sales will continue to stall.

Innovative Web use to Learn About Consumer Behavior and Online Privacy

Consumers are more protective of their personal data than most e-marketers probably ever expected. Indeed, any willingness by consumers to provide certain information online greatly depends on who's doing the asking.

Building a Successful E-Business: the Fedex Story

The company famous for transporting goods from anywhere to anywhere around the globe has used its impressive information infrastructure to expand into a channel logistics business.

Building Customer Trust in Mobile Commerce

Gaining customer trust in m-commerce is a daunting process, extending from initial trust formation to continuous trust development---but it can be done.

-sing E-Crm For a -nified View of the Customer

Applying detailed knowledge of the customer to a larger business domain.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Computation Beyond Turing Machines

Seeking appropriate methods to model computing and human thought.
COLUMN: Inside risks

On Sapphire and Type-Safe Languages