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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track



COLUMN: Nominees for elections and report of the ACM nominating committee

Nominees For Elections and Report of the ACM Nominating Committee

COLUMN: Digital village

Malware Month

August 2003: SoBig, W32/Blaster, and the malware month of the millennium.
COLUMN: Security watch

Standards Insecurity

Standards can provide an important component in the computer security environment but they should not be relied on blindly.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Enforce Pola on Processes to Control Viruses

Applying the Principle of Least Authority on processes, instead of just on people, limits damage from viruses and worms.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Mobile commerce opportunities and challenges


Mobile Commerce: What It Is and What It Could Be

Understanding Mobile Handheld Device use and Adoption

Without device adoption, there is no mobile commerce.

Mobile Commerce at Crossroads

Lessons learned from an international study of users of mobile handheld devices and services.

Information Requirement Elicitation in Mobile Commerce

Using an interactive approach to facilitate information searching for mobile users.

Interface Design For Mobile Commerce

Understanding the unique characteristics of m-commerce to enhance and improve the user interface.

-Understanding Usability in Mobile Commerce

Ramifications for wireless design: 'e' ≠ 'm'.

Designing Mobile Commerce Applications

Exploring the importance and untangling the complexity of the notion of context.

Evolution of Mobile Location-Based Services

Utilizing user location as a key determinant of information requirement needs.

Using Data Mining to Profile Tv Viewers

Mining thousands of viewing choices and millions of patterns, advertisers and TV networks identify household characteristics, tastes, and desires to create and deliver custom targeted advertising.

Systems Requirements For Organizational Learning

To produce organizational memory, knowledge management systems must transform individual knowledge into organizational knowledge, sometimes grudgingly.

Mobile Data Communications in China

Despite hundreds of millions of paying mobile subscribers and enormous potential for many more, the key to prosperity is enticing them to pay for extra services like text messaging and IP telephony.

A Relationship Perspective on It Outsourcing

A longitudinal study at four companies provides valuable insights about the evolution of IT outsourcing relationships.

A Method For Developing Dimensional Data Marts

Decision-oriented dimensional data marts are fundamentally different than transaction-oriented relational databases. A distinctive methodology and a different set of tools are required for their effective development.

The Relationship Between Distributed Systems and Open Software Development

The behavior and performance of OSD is best appreciated as a distributed system.
COLUMN: Inside risks

The Devil You Know

SECTION: Virtual extension

An Empirical Investigation of Online Consumer Purchasing Behavior

When Snipers Become Predators: Can Mechanism Design Save Online Auctions?

Authentication in E-Commerce

A Fit-Gap Analysis of E-Business Curricula vs. Industry Needs

The Hybrid Clicks and Bricks Business Model

The Impact of Common E-Business Interfaces

Deceived: Under Target Online

Creating Synergy with a Clicks and Mortar Approach

Viewpoint: the End of the Long Boom

Lessons Learned from Vcommerce

Creating a Virtual Store Image

Drivers of Internet Shopping

What's So Different About the Mobile Internet?

Challenges to Internet E-Banking

Commerce, E-Commerce, and M-Commerce: What Comes Next?

Hidden Surveillance By Web Sites: Web Bugs in Contemporary use

Do Privacy Seals in E-Commerce Really Work?

A Human Capital Perspective of Skill Acquisition and Interface Loyalty

Perspectives of the E-Marketplace By Multiple Stakeholders

Content Preparation and Management For E-Commerce Web Sites

Knowledge-Sharing and Influence in Online Social Networks via Viral Marketing

Managing the Transition to Bricks and Clicks

Egghead, a brick-and-mortar computer retailer, with stores across 200 locations, abandoned its brick establishments to become a pure Internet set-up,<br><br>Charles Schwab was quick to react to the strategies of<br><br> …

A Comparison of B2b E-Service Solutions

Consumer-Perceived Risk in E-Commerce Transactions

Customer-Centered Rules For Design of E-Commerce Web Sites

Using Insurance to Create Trust on the Internet

The Tightrope to E-Business Project Success

Viewpoint: Living and Bidding in an Auction Economy

A Five-Factor Framework For Analyzing Online Risks in E-Businesses